Company history

The history of today's PER-KOR Kereskedőház Kft. began as a small enterprise that was founded in 1982 and operated at the garage of our family house. In 1993 the legal form of the company changed for limited partnership. In 1996 the form of the company changed for private limited company (PER-KOR Plc.).

At that time the company profile was production, later the productive activity was complemented by commercial activity.

In 1993 we purchased a facility of 3014 m2 at the traditional industry area of Győr by support of our family. After carrying out the required construction and reconstruction, the workshop next to our family house moved to this new location on the 20 Febuary 1994. To undergo this change was a great experience.

PER-KOR Bt. (1996.)

Tartálygyártás (1995.)

Gyártás közben (1998.)

In 1996 the company PER-KOR Plc. was founded as legal successor of the limited partnership. This change did not only mean a change in the legal form of the company. However, some years later also the company profile did change: the productive activity was adjusted and the commercial activity and the commercial activity together with its value-added services (e.g. stocking, warehousing, sawing) got to be the core business.

 Építkezés (2001.)

On the 17 February 1998 we purchased a new and greater location that provided a great opportunity for further development of the company. Corresponding the expanding commercial and stocking demands we began to realise bigger warehouses. In 2001 we provided already two new warehouses.

In spring 2002 we began to build a new office building. The project required almost a year. Finally, on the 30 November 2002 we changed our location to the new one.

 Telephelyváltás (2002.)

After that we began to build up our third warehouse, to complete the internal traffic routes and to realise a second gate in order to make the drive for the trucks more flexible than before. The project required 6 years. The total storage area reached 3500 m2.

In 2003 we applied for a new ERP system at the Centre of the Hungarian Economic Development (MAG) (Number:  SZVP-2003-2-03-11-152) and we won the tender.

In 2006 we applied for new forklifts at the Centre of the Hungarian Economic Development (MAG) and  by winning the tender we bought new forklifts.



In 2008 we introduced a new ERP system because we found out that the old one was not able to support the activity of the company properly.

In spring 2012 we expanded our warehouse facilities. The new warehouse of 700 m2 serves as engine room and store supporting our services, primarily.

Új raktár

From the beginning of 2014 on we offer new services to our customers. Beneath sawing we are able to level sheets and sheet metal parts of our customers. In order to provide good customer service we expanded our machinery by a new side loader and by a new overhead crane of 8 tons capacity. 


Beside the continuous improvement of our stocking and commercial activity we try to provide progressive services in order to improve the competitiveness and market position of our customers.