We fulfil your cutting needs (made to your specification, serial and bundle cuts) via our sawing machines of high performance within a short delivery time, providing accurate execution and competitive prices.


Steel grades:

  • Sawing stainless steel,
  • Sawing heat-resistant steel,
  • Sawing steel,
  • Sawing aluminium,
  • etc.

We can cut for you round tubes, square and rectangular tubes, hollow bars, bright and hot rolled bars according to your specification.

  • Maximum diameter: 520 mm
  • Maximum cross section: 600*520 mm
  • Maximum bundle size: 600*300 mm

We do not only cut materials available at our warehouses, however, we offer our sawing services also for cutting foreign materials.


Our colleagues are happy to advise you.

Please contact them:

Tel.: 00 36 96 516 268
Fax: 00 36 96 516 270